The next session of Comic Book Bootcamp Level One is starting up in a couple weeks so The Wife wrote up a blog post for me to show off work by just a few of the Toronto-area creators who have taken my courses in the past. It’s not a complete list by any means (and doesn’t feature any of the GUSHING I normally do when I talk about the work these guys produce!!), but it’s some of ‘em, and you HAVE to see their art!!

(Holmes Incorporated by Christopher Yao)

And, as Keiren points out, Fit to Print will be starting up soon (not completely sure that it will be Holmes Incorporated again…although it is a serious possibility), and we’re looking to have all participants to be graduates of at least one of TCW’s classes (we’ll be announcing that closer to the start of registration for that).

Art by Gibson Quarter, colours by Keiren Smith

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